2 Best Overlockers with Automatic Tension

This is part 3 of my ‘best overlockers’ series. Today we’re looking at the best overlock machines with automatic tension. Automatic tension means the overlocker will choose stitch settings for you, creating (near enough) perfect stitches immediately. You won’t need to experiment with settings to get a good stitch. This removes a huge frustration. To … Read more

5 Best Overlockers, According to Industry Experts (UK)

In my search to find the best overlocker, I reviewed and compared 40+ overlock machines sold in the UK.  This meant weeks of talking to overlocker specialists, analysing online manuals, and scrutinizing sales pages.  I received advice from 12 industry experts: 3 overlocker technicians and 9 overlocker sellers. Here’s what I’ve learned. Best overlockers: In … Read more