How to Dye Fabric & Clothes Black – 5 Methods

As a frequent fabric dyer and lover of all things vibrant and dark, I’m no stranger to black dye. After a failed high-school experiment of bleaching a favorite pair of jeans and then dyeing them with “black” dye resulted in a mousey gray pair of jeans, I ended up on a bit of a quest … Read more

The Best Fabric Dyes for 23 Fabrics

When choosing the best dye for your project, the most important thing to be aware of is the fiber content of the items you’re dyeing. This will help you choose the most reliable and permanent dye, as different types of dyes are formulated to work with different types of fibers.  The best dye for cotton, … Read more

The Best Coverstitch Machines USA (an Owners Review)

I’ve been sewing with coverstitch machines for around 3 years now. I’ve sewn everything from loungewear and activewear to baby clothes and even jeans using (or partially using) my coverstitch machine. The best all-round coverstitch machine is the Brother CV3550, thanks to its easy threading, top-cover stitch option, large working area, and great accessory availability. … Read more

The Best Coverstitch Machines UK (an Owners Review)

I’ve had a coverstitch machine for almost 3 years now. I’ve made a bit of everything, including t-shirts, lingerie, swimwear, and activewear on my machine. The best coverstitch machine is the Brother CV3550. It’s one of the most affordable machines that can do a 5 thread top coverstitch, a durable stitch for activewear. And Brother … Read more

18 Realistic Things to Tie-Dye at Home (+ Tips from a Pro)

I’ve been dyeing clothes and fabric for years. I even dyed my wedding dress, and I’ve taught dyeing workshops in New Zealand. Here are 18 things to tie-dye at home. I’ve included tips to help you succeed with each project, and rated whether they’re beginner-friendly ideas or not. Clothes & wearables to tie-dye: T-shirts (beginner-friendly) … Read more

The Best Overlocker – Coverstitch Machines UK (Owner Review)

I’ve had an overlocker-coverstitch machine for almost 3 years now (the Bernette 48). I’ve made a bit of everything on it, including t-shirts, lingerie, swimwear, and activewear. An overlocker-coverstitch combo machine is a single sewing machine that can perform overlock and coverstitch stitches. These machines offer a powerful suite of options and save more space … Read more