Hi, I’m Sara!

I’m the writer behind this blog. I talk about sewing projects, mainly for clothes and home decor.

My favorite way to get better at sewing is to take apart professionally made items and learn from them, so that’s how I do things differently on this blog.

My sewing space (well, the non-messy part lol) 🙂

How I got started

I started sewing when I was 15 after “borrowing” my mum’s basic machine 😉

My first projects were some terrible looking grey trousers, and a tank top with a neckline that I didn’t bother finishing lol!

I studied GCSE Textiles the next year, making a white lace dress which was good fun.

Since then I’ve taken on more sewing projects and don’t plan on stopping. My favorite things to sew are clothes; I love the feeling of accomplishment every time I wear something I made and think, “hey, I made this!”

Here are some of my recent makes that I’ve blogged about:

About me

I live just outside London, UK.

I sew on the Brother Innov-is A150, a computerized sewing machine. And my serger (aka. overlocker) is the Brother 4234d. I highly recommend both if you sew a lot.

My hobbies outside of sewing are photography and re-watching Merlin on Netflix more times than I can admit haha 😉

You can find me on Youtube and Pinterest.

You can also say hello using the contact page.

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