How to Sew a Buttonhole by Hand – Ultimate Guide (+ Video)

Contents list: Thread Supplies Preparation Rectangle buttonhole Round end buttonhole Keyhole buttonhole Troubleshooting Hand sewn vs machine sewn buttonholes What thread do you use for hand sewing buttonholes? Traditionally, silk buttonhole twist thread (for example [1], [2], or [3]) is used for hand working buttonholes. It’s a thicker silk thread that’s very strong, and it … Read more

37 Sewing Machine Parts Labelled & Explained

If you’ve never used a sewing machine before, understanding all the parts and what they do can be overwhelming. I’ve explained all the important features on your sewing machine with pictures, when to use them, and my top tips for complete beginners. Here are the sewing machine parts we’ll cover: Stitch selector Tension selector Stitch … Read more

How to Sew Denim from Start to Finish

I’ve made a number of trousers in the past using different types of denim. It’s a versatile fabric that can be turned into shirts, dresses, skirts, jeans, jackets, overalls, aprons, and various accessories like bags and hats. It’s also a great option for home textiles like upholstery projects, curtains, and pillows. In this article, I’ll … Read more

How to Sew Linen from Start to Finish

Linen is one of my favorite fibers to work with, and I’ve made countless items from different types of linen. I have a small army of linen shirts, many pairs of linen trousers, a few linen tops, and even a few linen jackets. I also recently sewed some heavy linen curtains for our kitchen, and … Read more