How to Hand Sew Strong Seams from Start to Finish

Here’s how to hand sew the strongest seams using a backstitch (full and half versions). I’ve included beginner-friendly instructions for the whole process: getting your supplies, preparation work, the sewing process, and how to finish your seam and secure it in two ways. Contents list: What’s the best hand stitch for seams? What supplies you … Read more

19 Overall, Dungaree & Boiler Suit Sewing Patterns (3 FREE!)

Overalls (aka. dungarees) are one-piece garments with trousers, pockets, a bib, and shoulder straps. They were originally used as protective garments, but today fashion brands have turned them into casual streetwear. Boiler suits (aka. coveralls) are similar-looking utility garments, but they offer full body protection. They’re normally a one-piece garment with long sleeves, trousers, a … Read more

Tie-Dye Party Supply List (22 Things to Get)

So many of us have fond memories of tie-dye parties at school, summer camp, or birthday parties! In addition to frequent dyeing myself, I’ve run several group tie-dye projects in the past (most recently at summer camp) and they’re always a hit. Here’s a list of everything you need to tie-dye with a group, with … Read more

19 Kimono & Dressing Gown / Robe Sewing Patterns (8 FREE!)

The kimono is a traditional Japanese garment. It has a wrap-front, square sleeves, a rectangle body, and a lining. A wide sash (“obi”) is wrapped around the waist. Single-layered, unlined versions are called “yukata” and are considered casual or summer wear.  In the west, the term “kimono” refers to a loose overgarment with wide rectangle … Read more

20 Vintage & Retro Apron Sewing Patterns

Contents list: 1600, 1700, Victorian, and Edwardian era 1920s 1930s 1940s & 1950s 1960s & 1970s 1600, 1700, Victorian, and Edwardian era aprons: In the late 1600s, half-aprons (below the waist) were common and had ornate embroidery. In the 1700s, “pinner” aprons were popular. They had a long gathered skirt tied at the waist and … Read more

23 Summer Dress Sewing Patterns (Rated)

Today I’m sharing the best summer dress patterns I’ve found. You’ll find useful information about sizing, fabric recommendations, instructions, and “suitability for beginners” rating on a wide variety of summer dress patterns, from V-neck dresses and wrap dresses to casual knit dresses and shirred dresses. Contents list: Easy dresses for beginners Sleeveless dresses V-neck dresses … Read more