How to Sew Mitered Corners (5 Ways, inc. Quilts)

Mitered corners are a way to professionally finish 90-degree corners. You’ll often use them when hemming napkins, scarves, tablecloths, placemats, vents, and even wrap skirts and dresses. They’re also frequently used in quilting, both for binding the quilt and for adding a decorative border around the quilt top. In this article, we’ll cover 2 methods … Read more

How to Hand Sew Strong Seams from Start to Finish

Here’s how to hand sew the strongest seams using a backstitch (full and half versions). I’ve included beginner-friendly instructions for the whole process: getting your supplies, preparation work, the sewing process, and how to finish your seam and secure it in two ways. Contents list: What’s the best hand stitch for seams? What supplies you … Read more