Pinking Shears 101: What Are They? Uses? & How to Use

Today I’m going to share: What are pinking shears? Different sizes Uses Not used for Do they really prevent fraying? Are they worth buying? Best pinking shears How to use them Why are my shears stiff? Can pinking shears be sharpened? How? What are pinking shears (for fabric)? Pinking shears are scissors that make small … Read more

49 Stylish Sewing Patterns for Women’s Pants (12 FREE PDF’s)

Here are the most stylish sewing patterns I’ve found for women’s pants. This list includes paper patterns, free pdf patterns to print at home, and plus sizes. I’ve pulled together useful information about each pattern like sizing, fabric requirements, and whether they’re beginner-friendly. Here are the main pant styles I’ve covered (in order): ‘Pull-on’ pants … Read more

Is Polyester Fabric Stretchy? *11 Samples Tested*

Polyester can be stretchy or non-stretchy depending on how the fabric is made. As a general rule, knitted polyester fabrics are the most stretchy (eg. t-shirts), woven polyester fabrics basically have no stretch (eg. flowy blouses), and woven polyester fabrics with elastic fibers have some stretch (eg. work pants). I explain this further below with … Read more

Free Fabric Swatch Book Template

If you want to remember what’s in your fabric stash, here’s a free swatch book template for you to print at home! This template includes: Fabric name Fiber composition Fabric length x width Care instructions Notes (for things like fabric weight, pattern repeat measurements, supplier, price) “Pre-washed?” tickbox “No longer in stash?” tickbox Printer settings: … Read more

28 Types of Fabric for Dresses (Names, Pics, Uses)

Here are the most popular fabrics used for dresses. I’ve listed their names, described what each fabric is like, and what types of dresses they’re used for.  I also interviewed a fashion industry veteran on how to choose the best fabric for your DIY dresses. Polina spent over a decade doing fashion development and production … Read more

11 Different Types of Sewing Machines

There are many different types of machines that sew fabric. Each one has a specific use which I’ll explain today. Electronic sewing machines  They’re basic machines with no computerized elements. They have a limited number of stitches – typically 10 to 30, with only 1 buttonhole style (rectangle). The most basic versions will have pre-set … Read more