Coverstitch Machine 101: What Does it Do? Do I Need One?

A coverstitch machine is a specialized type of sewing machine that adds a professional finish to knit fabrics and activewear projects. The secure and stretchy stitch it creates is often seen on t-shirts, leggings, and elastic bindings. It’s a worthy investment if you sew frequently with stretchy fabrics, especially if you notice popped stitches on … Read more

How To Make Professional Scrunchies like High-End Stores

There are lots of ways to make scrunchies, but which ones are professional? I bought & deconstructed 13 scrunchies (worth $65). Here’s exactly how to create professional scrunchies like stores! I even made free sewing patterns based on them (download here). Contents list: How do stores make scrunchies? (materials, elastic, sewing methods). What supplies you … Read more

Velvet vs Velveteen vs Velour: Uses & Comparison Videos

What’s the difference between velvet, velveteen, and velour? Velvet, velveteen, and velour are all textured fabrics with a pile (meaning they’re made from cut loops). Velvet has a high pile and luxurious shine. It’s drapey. It has no stretch. Velveteen has a short pile, no shine, no stretch, and no drape. Velour has a medium … Read more

How To Make Velvet Scrunchies like Stores (Pro Way)

I took apart 2 professionally-made velvet scrunchies. Here’s how to create scrunchies like stores! I even created free scrunchie patterns based on them. They come in 4 sizes: mini, regular, large, and extra large. How professionals make velvet scrunchies Here are the scrunchies I bought and deconstructed: One of the big differences between the budget … Read more

DIY Scrunchie with Hair Tie (*New* Easiest Method) + Pattern

Today I’m showing you how to make DIY scrunchies with hair ties (also known as ponytail holders). This tutorial includes an optional “bunny ear” bow too. Download my free sewing pattern here. I’ve researched a LOT of scrunchie tutorials, but there aren’t many methods for hair tie scrunchies. So I sat down and brainstormed my … Read more

What is Tweed Fabric? Explained by Chanel Fabric Makers!

I spoke to Linton Tweeds to learn about tweed fabric. They’re been designing and manufacturing couture fabrics since 1912. In fact, they were the original Chanel fabric makers! They’ve also worked with Burberry, YSL, Balmain, Christian Dior, Alexander McQueen, and many other luxury brands. What is Tweed Fabric? And what is it made from? “Tweed … Read more

13 Cross Back ‘Japanese’ Apron Patterns & Tutorials (+ FREE)

I’m sharing apron sewing patterns and tutorials that have a criss-cross back. They’re sometimes called Japanese aprons. I’ve included free printable sewing patterns, physical paper ones, and tutorials with apron measurements. FREE PDF cross back apron patterns Apron with front pocket by Tessuti Download now ($0) Sizes: one size. Design: this apron has a square … Read more

35 Gorgeous Free Sewing Patterns for Tops (Women)

Every week, I scour the web for free sewing patterns to share with my email subscribers. In the process, I’ve come across a LOT of incredible free sewing patterns for tops. I’m going to share the best patterns for women’s tops, including blouses, tunics, crop tops, summer tops, t-shirts, cami’s, and more. All of the … Read more