32 Tank Top Sewing Patterns – Women, Men, Kids (24 FREE!)

Tank tops, also called vests and singlets, are sleeveless tops normally made from stretchy knit fabric. They can be tight or relaxed fitting. Today, I’ve rounded up the best on offer for women, men, and kids, including 24 free ones!  If you’re looking for patterns with thinner straps, check out our list of camisole patterns. … Read more

50 Stylish Sewing Patterns for Women’s Pants (12 FREE PDF’s)

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26 Hoodie Sewing Patterns for Men, Women, Kids – 6 FREE!

Hoodies are jackets made from thick, stretchy knit fabrics. They’re characterized by the hood that’s attached to the neckline. Some are pull-on styles and others have partial or full front zippers. Many of them include the classic “kangaroo” pocket on the front, but there are also different pocket styles. Today I’ve rounded up the best … Read more

36 Sewing Patterns for Wrap Dresses (11 FREE PDF’s!)

Wrap dresses are a good introduction to sewing dresses as they’re easy to fit and have no tricky closures. I cherry-picked 36 of the best sewing patterns for wrap dresses in different styles. I even found 11 FREE PDF patterns! In this post, I’ll walk you through essential details like sizing, design details, recommended fabric, … Read more

32 Jumpsuit, Romper & Playsuit Sewing Patterns (11 FREE!)

Jumpsuits, rompers, and playsuits are one-piece garments with a joined top and pants (trousers). They come in multiple styles and lengths. Today I’ve rounded up the best on offer for women, including 11 FREE ones! We’ll cover lots of different styles including wide legs, wrap styles, and jumpsuits made from knit fabric. I’ll give you … Read more

31 Sewing Patterns for Women’s Shorts (8 FREE!)

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19 Overall, Dungaree & Boiler Suit Sewing Patterns (3 FREE!)

Overalls (aka. dungarees) are one-piece garments with trousers, pockets, a bib, and shoulder straps. They were originally used as protective garments, but today fashion brands have turned them into casual streetwear. Boiler suits (aka. coveralls) are similar-looking utility garments, but they offer full body protection. They’re normally a one-piece garment with long sleeves, trousers, a … Read more

19 Kimono & Dressing Gown / Robe Sewing Patterns (8 FREE!)

The kimono is a traditional Japanese garment. It has a wrap-front, square sleeves, a rectangle body, and a lining. A wide sash (“obi”) is wrapped around the waist. Single-layered, unlined versions are called “yukata” and are considered casual or summer wear.  In the west, the term “kimono” refers to a loose overgarment with wide rectangle … Read more