Tie-Dye Party Supply List (22 Things to Get)

So many of us have fond memories of tie-dye parties at school, summer camp, or birthday parties! In addition to frequent dyeing myself, I’ve run several group tie-dye projects in the past (most recently at summer camp) and they’re always a hit. Here’s a list of everything you need to tie-dye with a group, with … Read more

Is Polyester Fabric Stretchy? *11 Samples Tested*

Polyester can be stretchy or non-stretchy depending on how the fabric is made. As a general rule, knitted polyester fabrics are the most stretchy (eg. t-shirts), woven polyester fabrics basically have no stretch (eg. flowy blouses), and woven polyester fabrics with elastic fibers have some stretch (eg. work pants). I explain this further below with … Read more

Fabric Dyeing Techniques – 12 Different Ways

When you think of dying fabric, you probably imagine solid colors or rainbow tie-dyed t-shirts. While both of these are excellent dyeing methods, there are many other techniques for you to try! To help you explore, I’ve shared 12 methods that create different colors and designs, described how to do them, and rated how beginner-friendly … Read more

The Best Fabrics for Dyeing – 11 Options Explained

If you’re a beginner, the best fabrics for dyeing are 100% cotton or viscose (including rayon and bamboo). These fabrics don’t require heat, so you can take your time without worrying about controlling this variable in the dyeing process. They also absorb colors beautifully and predictably, so you’re more likely to have a successful dye … Read more

29 Types of Silk Fabric

Silk fabrics can be broken down into 3 main categories: by silkworm, by processing method, and look-a-likes that aren’t made from silk fibers. First, silk is produced by several species of silk worms and all in slightly different ways. These are outlined below, but the key difference is whether the silkworm is allowed to emerge … Read more

Free Fabric Swatch Book Template

If you want to remember what’s in your fabric stash, here’s a free swatch book template for you to print at home! This template includes: Fabric name Fiber composition Fabric length x width Care instructions Notes (for things like fabric weight, pattern repeat measurements, supplier, price) “Pre-washed?” tickbox “No longer in stash?” tickbox Printer settings: … Read more

28 Types of Fabric for Dresses (Names, Pics, Uses)

Here are the most popular fabrics used for dresses. I’ve listed their names, described what each fabric is like, and what types of dresses they’re used for.  I also interviewed a fashion industry veteran on how to choose the best fabric for your DIY dresses. Polina spent over a decade doing fashion development and production … Read more

How to Sew Linen from Start to Finish

Linen is one of my favorite fibers to work with, and I’ve made countless items from different types of linen. I have a small army of linen shirts, many pairs of linen trousers, a few linen tops, and even a few linen jackets. I also recently sewed some heavy linen curtains for our kitchen, and … Read more