89 Fabric Names with Pictures & Uses (The Most Common Types Explained)

This article explores common fabric names you’ll come across when shopping, what the fabric is like, uses, and images. Note: “fabric” is fiber + how it’s woven or knitted together. Eg. cotton is a “fiber”, but cotton velvet and quilting cotton are “fabrics” because they include the construction. While we’ll focus mostly on construction methods … Read more

Tencel 101: What is it? Feels Like? Stretchy? Breathable?

Tencel is a cellulose fiber derived from the Eucalyptus tree. It’s soft, smooth, drapey, has a soft sheen, and absorbs moisture quickly. It’s ideal for bed sheets, summer garments, and underwear. Names: Tencel, Lyocell Made from: Cellulose fiber from the Eucalyptus tree Feels like? Drapey, smooth, soft, and cool to touch Breathable? Yes, even more … Read more

Denim Fabric 101: Types, How It’s Made, Care

Denim is a rugged, durable fabric originally designed for workwear. It typically has a blue warp and white weft thread and a twill weave construction (subtle diagonal ribs) that makes it more durable than plain weaves. Today, it’s an iconic fashion statement most frequently seen in jeans and jean jackets. Names: Denim Made from: Traditionally … Read more

How to Dye Fabric with Tea – Complete Guide

Tea dyeing is often someone’s very first introduction to dyeing – it’s a fun and easy weekend project that requires no special equipment. It’s useful for ‘antiquing’ a bright white garment, aging fabrics for costumes and theater productions, dipping your toe into the world of natural dyeing, and giving new quilt fabrics a vintage look. … Read more

How to Dye Linen – the Complete Guide

Linen is a popular summer fabric due to its lightness, breathability, and the way it softens over time into buttery soft garments. Since it’s not always possible to find the perfect color, dyeing linen is sometimes the only way to achieve the vibrant colors you’re after! Dyeing linen doesn’t come with any major obstacles besides … Read more

How to Sew Denim from Start to Finish

I’ve made a number of trousers in the past using different types of denim. It’s a versatile fabric that can be turned into shirts, dresses, skirts, jeans, jackets, overalls, aprons, and various accessories like bags and hats. It’s also a great option for home textiles like upholstery projects, curtains, and pillows. In this article, I’ll … Read more

Tie-Dye Party Supply List (22 Things to Get)

So many of us have fond memories of tie-dye parties at school, summer camp, or birthday parties! In addition to frequent dyeing myself, I’ve run several group tie-dye projects in the past (most recently at summer camp) and they’re always a hit. Here’s a list of everything you need to tie-dye with a group, with … Read more

Is Polyester Fabric Stretchy? *11 Samples Tested*

Polyester can be stretchy or non-stretchy depending on how the fabric is made. As a general rule, knitted polyester fabrics are the most stretchy (eg. t-shirts), woven polyester fabrics basically have no stretch (eg. flowy blouses), and woven polyester fabrics with elastic fibers have some stretch (eg. work pants). I explain this further below with … Read more