49 Best Online Fabric Stores UK: Clothes, Upholstery, Quilts

I’m a big online shopper when it comes to fabric. You just can’t beat the range of options.

Here’s a roundup of the best online fabric stores for UK buyers. I’ve tried many of these stores myself, so I’ll share my opinions on them and what they’re known for.

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Online fabric stores for apparel fabric (UK)

Adam Ross sells lots of cotton fabrics with fun prints; ideal for children’s makes.

Cheap Fabrics focuses on fashion fabrics and prints. You can find a lot here for £2 – £6 per meter, so they’re competitively priced.

green viscose fabric with white and orange flowers folded into a square
My green floral viscose from Cheap Fabrics (gifted PR product)

Cloth House specialises in cotton, denim, and linen fabrics. They have many unique Japanese and Indian print fabrics. Expect to spend £15-50 per meter.

Cloth & Candy has a great curation of colourful cotton fabrics. There are some adorable prints here, including Rifle Paper Co.

Croft Mill sells on-trend apparel fabrics. They have a big range of jersey, wool, and dress fabrics. They also sell water-resistant fabrics if you’re interested in making coats, bags, or outdoors items.

Cuddle Plush Fabrics sells specialist fabrics. You can buy waterproof materials, absorbent materials (eg. Zorb, terry towelling), athletic jersey’s, bamboo fabrics, etc.

Dalston Mill sells bridal, dressmaking, and dancewear fabrics.

Dunelm has about 300 fabrics. They’re mostly prints made from cotton and PVC. Picture reviews are allowed on each product, which is really useful.

Empress Mills has a big variety of fabrics. They’re a good place to look for cotton, batting/wadding, interfacing, fleece, and boiled wool.

Fabworks has lots of stylish cotton, jersey, and exclusive wool fabrics. They also send nice big swatches!

Fabric Godmother sells trendy dressmaking fabrics, including ex-designer deadstock. They send out nice big swatches!

Good Fabric sells stylish dressmaking fabrics. They focus on sustainability, so they only stock products with at least one eco-credential. They have plain and printed options in popular colours.

Joel & Son sell designer, couture, and bridal fabrics. Expect to pay £100+ per meter.

Liberty of London is famous for its exclusive prints, especially florals. Expect to spend £25 per meter for their cotton and £55 per meter for their silk. I bought some of their cotton Tana Lawn recently, and it’s the highest quality cotton I own. The fabrics are tightly woven and surprisingly smooth.

3 blue floral liberty london tana lawn cotton fabrics
3 of my Liberty London cotton fabrics.

Minerva has a huge range of clothing fabric, including popular brands like Liberty and Atelier Brunette. Many product pages include a useful video showing how the fabrics move. You can buy in 10cm increments. Delivery is free on orders over £20.

Organic Textile Company specialises in natural fibre & organic fabrics. Their organic fabrics are very reasonably priced.

Pound Fabrics is focused on budget fabrics for clothing. You can get a lot here for under £5 a meter. They also sell full rolls of fabric at competitive prices. The 30 meter roll of calico is worth checking if you’re a regular dressmaker. This fabric is widely used for test garments.

Ray Stitch has a big range of stylish cotton, linen, jersey, and organic materials. They stock popular designers like Sevenberry, Ruby Star Society, and Art Gallery. Their product photos are excellent. Expect to spend £10-20 per meter for many of their fabrics.

Seasalt Cornwall is a clothing store, but they sell some of their exclusive fabrics. These are natural fibre fabrics with bold colours and patterns.

Their fabric range is quite small. Normally less than 20 items are on sale each season. They only sell their fabrics in 1 or 3 meter cuts. Samples are not offered. They normally have sales at the end of each season. After this, their fabrics are not restocked.

*2021 update: it looks like they’ve paused selling fabric.

Simple Life Fabrics has a curated range of cotton, jersey, and children’s fabrics. If you like fun prints, this is a good place to look. You can buy in half meters.

The Fabric Room sells mainly synthetic fabrics for clothes, but there are some nice Tencel and viscose options too. Here’s a dress I made using their polyester “ITY”. Their prices are incredible. Think £2+ per meter! They offer no phone call support, just email.

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EU fabric stores for clothing

My Fabrics UK has a big range of clothing fabric, especially knits. Their product photos are excellent too.

Surprisingly, myfabrics.co.uk ships from Germany. Because of this, shipping costs are £7.95 and bulky orders are charged £33 extra. If you spend more than £70, you qualify for free shipping.

Marimekko is a clothing/home goods brand that sells some of their exclusive fabrics. Their prints are bold and original. They’re normally printed on cotton and linen fabrics. Expect to spend 40-70 euros per meter. That’s about £36-65.

Samples are not offered, and product photos and descriptions don’t describe the fabric enough (is it thick and structured for a curtain? or light and drapey for a dress?!).

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Online fabric stores for upholstery & curtains (UK)

These stores have a good range of fabrics for curtains, cushions, and upholstery. They also tend to stock PVC and fire retardant materials. Many of these stores offer made to measure services.

Abakhan has about 400 soft furnishing and curtain fabrics. It’s a mix of plains and prints in many styles. Most of it is under £20 per meter.

Ada & Ina focuses on linen and cotton fabrics. They have 1000+ fabrics in trendy colours, from blush pinks to neutrals. Expect to pay £15-30 per meter. You can get 5 free samples, and then they’re 45p each. They’re about 10x10cm big. 30x30cm “supersize” samples are also available.

Closs & Hamblin sell 5000+ curtain fabrics, including big brands like Morris & Co. The prints and colours are on-trend; I especially love their check prints. Orders over £50 get free delivery and you can ask for 5 free samples. Expect to pay £20-100 per meter.

Curtains Curtains Curtains has about 2000+ curtain fabrics, from plains to prints. They stock popular fabrics like Orla Kiely ones. The prices are usually £10-30 per meter and free samples are available.

Curtain Factory Outlet stocks 12,000+ curtain fabrics, from linen to silk. Prices range from £25-50. Bigger name brands are stocked. Samples cost £1 each, and you can only order 5.

Curtain Fabric Store has 60,000+ curtain fabrics, including big brand names. Expect to pay £10-50 per meter. Samples are £1 each.

Dunelm has some upholstery fabric. It’s not a huge range, but the prices are budget-friendly. They’re mostly prints made from cotton and PVC. Picture reviews are allowed on each product, which is really useful.

Fabric Direct Online has 1000+ budget-friendly fabrics. Expect to spend £10-30 per meter.

Graham Sanderson Interiors has 27,000+ designer brand fabrics. This is a great place to look for unique and bold prints. Prices range from £15-300 per meter. Samples are 50p each.

Ian Mankin makes classic furnishing fabrics. Their signature style is neutral colours, stripes, checks, and plain fabrics. Great for farmhouse or traditional homes. All of their fabrics are made from natural, recycled, or organic fibres. And they’re made here in the UK. Expect to spend £30-60 per meter.

furnishing fabric sample squares in cream and blue colors
My Ian Mankin fabric samples. They’re 15x15cm big.

IKEA has a very small range of fabrics. Expect to pay about £5 per meter. Customer reviews are allowed which is helpful. Samples are not offered.

Jane Clayton sells 63,000+ fabrics for the home! They focus on designer brands, so prices range from £15-300 per meter. Their prints and colours are very on-trend. Your first 2 samples are free, then 75p each.

John Lewis has about 200 furnishing fabrics. Many of their plain fabrics are available in about 30 colours! So lots of options. You can order 5 free samples.

Just Fabrics has a huge range of curtain and upholstery fabric. They have some PVC tablecloth materials too. The prices are affordable. Expect to spend £10-30 per meter.

Loome Fine Furnishing Fabrics sells classic prints and neutral colours. If your style is traditional or farmhouse, this is a good place to look. Expect to spend £25-120 per meter.

The Mill Shop Online has lots of plain and printed fabrics. They have some lovely velvets and wools in lots of colours. Expect to spend £10-30 per meter.

Terry’s specializes in curtain and upholstery fabrics. They have a huge range, from 300 velvets to 900 jacquards. Prices are typically under £40 per meter. You can order 10 free samples, but oddly, you can’t get more, even if you’re willing to pay?

Textile Express has lots of budget-friendly fabric. Most of it is under £20 per meter. They have some water-resistant, leatherette, and novelty prints.

Tin Smiths has a big range of cotton and linen fabrics. They also have some stylish oilcloths if you’re making table protectors. Their fabrics are very on-trend. You can get stylish colours, checks, and ticking stripes. Expect to spend £30-50 per meter. If your home decor style is minimalist or farmhouse, they’re perfect.

Upholstery Fabrics UK stocks 10,000+ fabrics. They have lots of velvet and vinyl options. Expect to spend £20-30 per meter.

Yorkshire Fabric Shop has 4000+ upholstery and curtain fabrics. They have some bold prints, from tribal to geometric designs. Prices range from £20-500 per meter.

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Online fabric stores for quilts (UK)

These stores sell medium-weight cotton fabrics with some structure, perfect for quilts. They come in pre-cut amounts (eg. fat quarters) and by the meter.

Empress Mills has lots of quilting cotton, wadding, and jelly rolls. They have licenced character fabrics, from Harry Potter to Disney.

The Cotton Patch is completely focused on patchwork and quilting needs. They stock designer fabrics like Morris & Co and Ruby Star Society.

Doughty’s has a big range of stylish quilting cotton’s, from Liberty to Sevenberry. You can get up to 6 free samples.

The Sewing Studio focuses on quilting fabric; pre-cut and by the meter. They have a huge range, from florals to Toy Story.

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Note: this post was originally published on January 2, 2021. It has since been updated.