4 Most Tightly Woven Cotton Fabrics for Face Masks

I recently finished a 2-week research binge on the different types of cotton (I covered 70+ types!). Some cotton fabrics are more tightly woven than others. Examples of tightly woven cotton include denim, cotton sateen, percale, and poplin. Bedsheets are a good place to find cotton percale and sateen. I recommend getting light to medium … Read more

4 Best Fitted Face Mask Patterns (Fit-Tested by Hospitals)

The World Health Organization (WHO) recommends fitted face masks that “fit closely over the nose, cheeks and chin of the wearer” (source, page 10). This is to stop/reduce unfiltered air moving in or out of the mask through gaps. I’m going to share face mask patterns that fit closely around the nose, cheeks, and chin, … Read more

How to Make 3 Layer Face Masks according to WHO (+ Patterns)

Since June, the World Health Organization (WHO) has recommended 3 layer face masks. The ideal mask has a water-resistant outer layer, a polypropylene middle layer (like interfacing), and a water-absorbent inner layer to absorb your droplets. To make a 3 layer mask, you can sew a normal 2 layer one and use a filter insert … Read more

Craft Passion Mask Review – DON’T SEW Until You Read This (6 Tips)

I made the Craft Passion face mask 9 times for myself, 2 adults, and 2 older kids (aged 10-12). I made the ‘teen/woman’ size with no filter pocket or nose wire. Here’s my review. The pattern looks great, it’s relatively easy to sew, and it’s recommended by 11+ hospitals.  It takes twice as long to sew … Read more