59 Elegant Gift Wrapping Ideas: Christmas, Birthday, Wedding

Today I’m sharing elegant gift wrapping ideas for Christmas gifts, birthdays, and weddings. I’ve also included video tutorials to help you tie the perfect bow, use wrapping paper, and more.

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elegant gift wrapping ideas collage

Contents list:

Classic ribbon & bow in the middle ideas

How to tie a ribbon bow on a gift

Elegant printed wrapping paper ideas

How to wrap a gift with paper

Asymmetric ribbon & bow ideas

How to tie an asymmetric ribbon design

Velvet ribbon ideas

Satin ribbon ideas

Layered gift wrapping ideas

These gifts have wide strips of wrapping paper or fabric layered with ribbons.

Wax seal gift wrapping ideas

How to make wax seal gift wrapping

Calligraphy gift wrapping ideas

How to make calligraphy wrapping paper

Plant gift wrapping ideas

Twine gift wrapping ideas

Creative star shape gift wrapping ideas

Tutorial here.

Fabric gift wrapping ideas

How to wrap gifts with fabric