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6 Professional Sewing Gift Ideas for Men (with Patterns)

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This is part 3 of my “sewing gifts” series. Today I’m focusing on easy sewing projects to gift to men. Specifically your boyfriend, husband, dad, brother, and teen boys.

I’m sharing professional-looking gift ideas inspired by department store best sellers.

You can make these DIY’s for birthdays, fathers day, christmas, thanksgiving, or as spontaneous gifts.

I love the idea of recreating popular store items. We can make our versions more personal, use better quality materials, and in some cases save money DIY’ing rather than buying.

In this post, I include:

  • Inspiration images.
  • Links to sewing patterns and tutorials you can use.
  • Estimated time and cost.
professional diy gift ideas for men

Contents list:

  1. Pajamas
  2. Ties
  3. Dressing gowns
  4. Drawstring shoe bags for travel and storage
  5. Aprons
  6. Spare face masks

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DIY gift idea: pajamas

mens pajama tops and pants
mens pajamas in grey stretch fabric and plaid.
Featured: Marks & SpencerJohn Lewis, and The White Company.

I’m starting with my favorite gift idea – pajamas! It’s one of those practical gifts that will get used a lot.

Tip for choosing the best design

I learned from store reviews that guys find slim-fitting, non-stretchy pajama pants uncomfortable. There isn’t enough room at the crotch, so the pants feel tight when they move in bed. Not good!

If you’re going to use woven (non-stretch) fabrics, go for a loose design. Stretch fabrics are perfect for slim-fitting pants.

Pajama sewing patterns

I have a list of 19 professional-looking pajama patterns for men. Definitely check it out. I found 5 incredible free patterns!

Pajama sewing tutorials

This tutorial uses a women’s pj pattern, but the process is the same for men’s pj’s. It includes an elastic waist and drawstring.

Estimated time

I recommend giving yourself 2-3 days to cut and sew pajamas. Don’t forget to pre-wash and dry your fabric the day before.

Estimated cost

  • 1 yard for shorts: $7 (
  • 2-3 yards for full-length pants: $14 – $21 (
  • 2-3 yards for a full sleeve top: $14 – $21 (
  • 1 or 1.5″ elastic: $2 – $3 per yard (
  • Matching thread: $3 for 250 yards (
  • Total cost for pajama pants only: $19 – $27.
  • Total cost for top and shorts: $26 – $34.
  • Total cost for top and pants: $33 – $48.

If you want a printed fabric (like plaid), don’t forget you’ll need spare fabric for pattern matching. (USA) and Minerva Crafts (UK) have a great range of all these materials.

I also love the idea of using fun novelty print fabric. Star Wars pajamas, anyone? has a HUGE range of licensed fabric, from Harry Potter to popular football teams. Using fabric like this is a great way to make personalized and unique pj’s.

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DIY gift idea: ties

diy ties in red and blue
Featured: John Lewis’ best selling ties.

For any office-goers, ties are a useful gift idea.

I had a look at department store John Lewis’s best sellers for inspiration (pictured above). I saw lots of navy, red, stripes, subtle patterns, dots, and fun novelty ties with tiny animals (flamingos and puffins were the best sellers).

Sewing patterns & tutorials

Made Everyday has a great video tutorial. She’s using her own tie pattern ($7).

See Kate Sew has a free pattern for a skinny and square men’s tie.

Burda Style has a tutorial for a medium size tie.

Thread Theory has a great roundup of DIY tie resources and a silk tie tutorial.

Estimated time

I would set aside 1-3 hours to cut and sew a tie. If you’re making a silk tie for the first time, give yourself another day.

Don’t forget to pre-wash and dry your fabrics before you start.

Estimated cost

  • 1 yard of outer fabric: $7 per yard (
  • 1 yard of lining fabric: $7 per yard (
  • Matching thread: $3 for 250 yards (
  • Total estimated cost: $17

DIY gift idea: dressing gown / robe

mens dressing gowns
Featured: Mr Porter, British Boxers & Next.

Dressing gown / robe sewing patterns

Love Sewing magazine has a free unisex dressing gown pattern. It comes in 7 sizes.

Named Clothing has a stylish unisex gown ($16). It’s for woven (non-stretch) fabrics.

Simplicity 8804 and Kwik Sew 4088 (Amazon links) have paper sewing patterns with trendy robes.

All of these patterns come with instructions.

Estimated time

I would set aside 1-2 days to cut and sew a gown. Don’t forget to pre-wash and dry your fabrics before.

Estimated costs

  • 2 – 4 yards of fabric: $7 per yard on average. So that’s $14 – $28. (
  • 1 – 11/2 yard fusible interfacing (for the band): $3 per yard. (
  • Total estimated cost: $17 – $31.

You can use lots of fabrics for a robe. Here’s how much they generally cost:

  • For a fluffy robe, minky fabric costs about $12 per yard. Fleece is about $5 per yard.
  • Stretchy french terry knit is about $7.
  • Linen is about $8 per yard.
  • Cotton is $6 and up.

I checked for these prices. They have a huge range of choices.

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DIY gift idea: drawstring shoe bag for travel & storage

diy drawstring shoe bag
Photos by Purl Soho.

This idea was inspired by the Purl Soho blogger: “Before his retirement I could always make my dad a tie but these days he doesn’t have much use for formal stuff like that. So, for my dad’s new globetrotting lifestyle, I’m celebrating this Father’s Day with these super simple Drawstring Shoe Bags.”

These are great for packing shoes with dirty soles in suitcases, so they don’t touch any clothes.

They’re also ideal for keeping shoes dust-free.

Shoe bag sewing tutorial

Purl Soho has a step-by-step tutorial for the shoe bags pictured above. Their photography is beautiful!

Estimated time

This is a quick 1 hour project!

Estimated costs

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DIY gift idea: aprons

mens aprons in black, grey and navy.
Featured: John Lewis.
star wars and harry potter fabric
Use fun fabrics to make a personal apron.

This is ideal for the cooking enthusiasts and barbeque kings. A custom Star Wars apron would be fun for any fans of the show.

Apron sewing tutorials

Back Road Bloom has a tutorial on making a classic apron.

Purl Soho has a tutorial on how to make a cross-back apron.

Aprons are pretty unisex, so even though women are modelling these aprons, the tutorials are still relevant.

Estimated time

Give yourself 1-2 days to cut and sew an apron. Don’t forget to pre-wash and dry it before starting so it doesn’t shrink in the wash.

Estimated cost

  • 1-2 yards of fabric: $7 per yard (
  • Matching thread: $3 for 250 yards (
  • Total estimated cost: $10 – $17.

DIY gift idea: spare face masks

navy diy face masks
Featured: navy Craft Passion mask.

If you live somewhere where face masks are widely used or compulsory, gifting some spare masks will be really useful in 2020.

Face mask sewing patterns

The fitted mask by Craft Passion is very popular (11+ hospitals have recommended it!), and it looks pretty stylish.

Deaconess Health has a popular pleated mask pattern.

simple rectangle mask with gathers and side channels is my favorite “super easy” design. It looks just like the pleated ones, but it’s much faster to sew.

Top tip: I highly recommend making adjustable ear loops or ties (here’s how). This way your relative/friend can adjust it for the most comfortable fit, and you don’t have to worry about getting the “perfect” measurement!

Sewing tutorials:

How to make a rectangle mask with gathers. This is the easiest and fastest design I have seen:

How to make a pleated mask:

How to make the Craft Passion mask:

Here’s how to use pony beads to make adjustable ear loops:

Estimated time:

If you’re a beginner, 1 to 1 ½ hours should be enough time to cut and sew a face mask. It gets much faster with practise.

Don’t forget to pre-wash and dry your fabric before starting to avoid shrinkage problems.

Estimated cost:

  • 1 yard of tightly woven cotton: $7 (
  • 10 yards of elastic: $4 (
  • A pack of 1000 pony beads for adjustable ear loops: $5 (Amazon).
  • Matching thread: $3 for 250 yards (
  • Total estimated cost: $19

Tip: It’s useful to use a different color for the lining and outer fabric, so the wearer doesn’t get them confused. You might want to get 1/2 yard of 1 color and 1/2 yard of white for the lining.

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