Cutting Paper with Fabric Scissors: What 5 Pros Think

When you start sewing, something you’ll hear all the time is “never cut paper with fabric scissors”. But can you actually cut paper with them? Or does it really dull your fabric scissors that badly? To find out, I spoke to Ernest Wright, LDH Scissors, and Pro Sharp. Ernest Wright is a manufacturer of scissors. They’ve been in … Read more

14 Bucket Hat Sewing Patterns for Women, Men & Baby (5 Free)

A bucket hat is a lightweight hat used for sun protection. It has a downward-sloping brim, and sometimes eyelets for ventilation. (source) Here are the best sewing patterns I’ve found for bucket hats! I’ve included: Multiple sizes for men, women, children, and babies. Bucket hats with strings and reversible designs. Bucket hats with different brim … Read more

49 Stylish Sewing Patterns for Women’s Pants (11 FREE PDF’s)

Here are the most stylish sewing patterns I’ve found for women’s pants. This list includes paper patterns, free pdf patterns to print at home, and plus sizes. I’ve pulled together useful information about each pattern like sizing, fabric requirements, and whether they’re beginner-friendly. Here are the main pant styles I’ve covered (in order): Easy ‘pull-on’ … Read more