28 Statistics About Clothing Donation & the Used / Second Hand Resale Market

Second-hand clothing is becoming more popular across the world, especially among the younger generations. Both online and traditional retail spaces for used clothing are growing in size as consumers seek more sustainable and affordable fashion. Although it’s seen as the default way to deal with unwanted clothes by most people, excessive amounts of donations can … Read more

Tencel 101: What is it? Feels Like? Stretchy? Breathable?

Tencel is a cellulose fiber derived from the Eucalyptus tree. It’s soft, smooth, drapey, has a soft sheen, and absorbs moisture quickly. It’s ideal for bed sheets, summer garments, and underwear. Names: Tencel, Lyocell Made from: Cellulose fiber from the Eucalyptus tree Feels like? Drapey, smooth, soft, and cool to touch Breathable? Yes, even more … Read more

Pinking Shears 101: What Are They? Uses? & How to Use

Today I’m going to share: What are pinking shears? Different sizes Uses Not used for Do they really prevent fraying? Are they worth buying? Best pinking shears How to use them Why are my shears stiff? Can pinking shears be sharpened? How? What are pinking shears (for fabric)? Pinking shears are scissors that make small … Read more