Is Polyester Fabric Stretchy? *11 Samples Tested*

Polyester can be stretchy or non-stretchy depending on how the fabric is made. As a general rule, knitted polyester fabrics are the most stretchy (eg. t-shirts), woven polyester fabrics basically have no stretch (eg. flowy blouses), and woven polyester fabrics with elastic fibers have some stretch (eg. work pants). I explain this further below with … Read more

24 Wrap Skirt Sewing Patterns (7 FREE!)

I looked for the best wrap skirt patterns on the Internet and found 24 great options – 7 are free! In this post, I’ll go over important details like sizing, fabric, pattern format, and suitability for beginners for different styles of wrap skirts. Contents list: Free wrap skirts Midi & maxi wrap skirts Ruffle wrap … Read more

24 Bra & Bralette Sewing Patterns (8 FREE!)

I researched the best bra and bralette sewing patterns in PDF and paper format and found 24 patterns – and 8 of them are free! This post includes pattern recommendations for wired bras, a balconette bra, bralettes, triangle bras, sports bras, a nursing bra and a vintage brassiere. I’ve shared useful information about each pattern, … Read more

Fabric Dyeing Techniques – 12 Different Ways

When you think of dying fabric, you probably imagine solid colors or rainbow tie-dyed t-shirts. While both of these are excellent dyeing methods, there are many other techniques for you to try! To help you explore, I’ve shared 12 methods that create different colors and designs, described how to do them, and rated how beginner-friendly … Read more

The Best Fabrics for Dyeing – 11 Options Explained

If you’re a beginner, the best fabrics for dyeing are 100% cotton or viscose (including rayon and bamboo). These fabrics don’t require heat, so you can take your time without worrying about controlling this variable in the dyeing process. They also absorb colors beautifully and predictably, so you’re more likely to have a successful dye … Read more

21 Seam Finishes for Knits & Wovens (+ videos)

What is a seam? And what’s a seam finish? A “seam” is formed whenever you join two pieces of fabric together. The raw edges of fabric need to be treated in some way so they don’t fray and come undone. “Seam finishes” are different ways to finish the raw edges, make them more durable, and … Read more