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Free Sewing Patterns for You 🙂

Important: sometimes internet browsers print pdf files differently. I recommend printing my files using the free Adobe Acrobat Reader software.

Sleep mask

Sewing instructions:

Read the sleep mask sewing tutorial.

Scrunchie (4 sizes) & bow

31 December 2021 update: this pattern has been updated to include 4 scrunchie sizes.

Sewing instructions:

Professional method.

Scrunchie tutorial using hair ties.

Double oven mitt

Sewing instructions:

Read the oven mitt tutorial.

Face mask carrying pouch

Sewing instructions:

Read the pouch tutorial.

Fabric bows

Sewing instructions:

Read the bow sewing tutorial.

Twisted headband

Sewing instructions:

Read the headband sewing tutorial.

Wide & extra-wide headbands

Sewing instructions:

Read the headband sewing tutorial.

Types of thread (reference chart)

Placemat & napkin

Sewing instructions:

Read the napkin & placemat sewing tutorial.

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